by Julia London


I have no idea whether this book is good or not. I was enthralled by the narrator, Derek Perkins. He could have been reading Dr. Seuss to me and I’d have found it sexy. 

In all seriousness, I did enjoy this book. It was in large part due to the audio performance, which was incredibly amusing and realistic sounding. But it was also an enjoyable story. This book is about an English heroine, Margot, and a Scottish Chieftain, Aaran, who get married for essentially political reasons. After only a few months of marriage Margot abandons him and they remained estranged for 3 years, until Margot’s father convincers her to go back because he thinks Aaran is a traitor. 

While the book does circle the treason plot line, which is more interesting than I expected, it’s largely about these two learning to trust each other and overcoming their incredible differences. The book is very sexy, with tons of steam. Lots of parts where there were deep emotions and angst as well. 

The heroine was kind of maddening. She was very wishy washy and its totally understandable why Aaran is distrustful of her. Over the course of the book he reveals little bits of himself so much more than she does and yet she still finds it difficult to understand him and to give herself completely to him until the very end of the book. At the same time, she was young and very naive and the reasons for her behavior in the early part of their marriage were pretty justified. 

All in all, as these two figure out how to communicate with each other, we have a very sweet and touching romance. Both of them grow a lot in this book and they do it largely through their interactions with each other and by learning to accept each other for who they are. They had some really poignant moments that I loved listening to. 

Since I listened to this on audiobook I definitely didn’t give it the full attention it deserved. But there were parts that pulled me in and I was riveted, abandoning what I was working on while I listened. And the end both made me tear up and left me with a smile.

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