by Sabrina Jeffries


This was my first Sabrina Jeffries book and I definitely picked a good one to start with. I loved it. It was unputdownable (new word, lol). I read the whole thing in less than a day. It’s so passionate and heartfelt. The characters are well developed and you truly come to care about them. I looooved the hero. He has such a tender heart. He’s not a rake or a rogue, which was different.

I typically dont enjoy romances with a secondary “mystery” aspect to it, but in this case it was so well done. It just propelled their love story along and I felt it was mostly about them falling in love. The secondary story was also interesting and well done. I also loved that the hero and heroine were together for 90% of the book.

It was also very steamy and had great tension throughout the book. But my favorite thing about it is getting so much from the heroes perspective. All the feels in this book.

This will be a re-read for me. 

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