by Anna Bradley


I loved this book. LOVED. Sigh. I love you Anna Bradley. I LOVE YOU!!! This was one of those books I just couldn’t put down. I started it late at night. And I just couldn’t stop. Wait, it’s after midnight? Don’t care, this story has totally enthralled me. Wait, it’s after 1 and my husband is snoring in my ear? I’m too in love with these characters to care. It’s after 2 and my children will be up in 4 hours going bonkers? No regrets. My husband woke up and was like, “YOU’RE STILL READING?? Go to bed, it’s like 1am!” Me, looking at the kindle that clearly says 3:06am….okay honey. Then, I couldn’t even fall right asleep when I finished. My eyes felt wide behind my closed lids, replaying my favorite parts of this story. My heart was still clenched in my test, filling the whole thing. I felt like the grinch cartoon after he learns what Christmas truly means. And her heart grew three sizes that day, all because of Logan and Juliana. I am still floating in book love. Four hours of sleep, with a smile on my face and new favorite characters in my heart. It’s a great day to try this death wish coffee my husband bought haha!

Juliana has some things she must accomplish. She must find a husband to protect the guardianship of her beloved niece, Grace. Unfortunately for her, two of her betrothals have failed and she is quickly running out time. She pins the blame on Logan, who she demands to fix the situation.

The first half of this book takes place in Scotland and it is just wonderful. I could so clearly experience the scenery. I quickly fell in love with Juliana. I read usually for the hero, but there was just something about her gumption and personality I couldn’t help but love. Logan has behaved despicably before the book really even gets going. As time goes on, you understand what drove him to do what he does. The time in Scotland is just so precious to me. Feeling each other out, learning each other’s personality. Being totally surprised by what the other becomes after the initial assumptions. The butterflies and beginnings of love. I adored the entire scene leading up to their first kiss and the kiss itself. I think they both take each other completely by surprise.

Logan is a wonderful hero. He cares so much about Scotland and his people. He doesn’t really know what to make of Juliana. He knows her through letters he was never supposed to read and has made wrong assumptions about her. As he watches her determination and fierce stubbornness, you can feel his confusion and pull towards her. I adored feeling him fall in love.

The second half of the book takes you back to London. This time is angst filled and riddled with miscommunications. Jealousy, uncertainty about each other, they must learn to trust each other. Juliana does something that makes me ever so sad. This book just felt real to me. Real mistakes, doubts, the pain of hurting someone and trying to fix it. I thought they were both flawed characters that persevered through to find the gift of true love.

There is a lot of Gaelic in this book. She does include a guide at the end, so you can glance at that to decipher. I didn’t know it was there until I finished haha. This book also touches on the Highland Clearances, which I’ve never heard anything about. Absolutely heartbreaking history. I love books that take place in Scotland, and to see the breakdown of the clan systems after so much time, it’s so sad. The book feels well researched and of course I adore Bradley’s writing style. Her characters fly off the page to me, full bodied and real.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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