by Liana De la Rosa


You meet Finlay, our hero, in the first book of the series (To Love a Scandalous Rogue). This book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend the first because it gives you a better background of the family scandal, as well as just being really good so I’m going to recommend it anyway. Finlay is the twin brother of the heroine in book 1.

Finlay and Charlotte have a chance meeting at a house party. Finlay is feeling rather exasperated with the ton life, the parties, and doesn’t realize what is missing until he meets Charlotte.

Charlotte has just lost her husband while living in India. Abandoned and abused by his family, with no money, she is offered a job back in England that she finds she must refuse. They spend the night with each other, sharing their struggles and wants for life. Before Finlay can find who she is and form a lasting relationship she disappears.

The story picks up a year later. Finlay is in the middle of establishing his seat for parliament and trying to make a name for himself despite his father’s reputation. Charlotte has found work teaching at the foundling home.

I loved Finlay as a hero. He is so real and genuine. I really felt his struggle with wanting his career and wanting to love. They do not both come easy, and trying to tip the scale and balance it is a struggle. Charlotte was such a strong heroine as well. Being of Jewish faith, there were laws in place that restricted their rights and marriages during this time. The challenges she goes through with her husband’s family are enough to break your heart.

I would have liked the main characters to spend more time together. This book felt a tad divided between Finlay working on the politics aspect of his life and Charlotte working through her past demons and trying to live a peaceful life. I also would have loved to have seen more details of Charlotte’s Jewish faith. I adored the epilogue so much, because it gave a clearer picture of her religion and how they overcame the struggles.

Flora was a hoot in this book and I’m very very excited to read her story in the next release!

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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