by Teresa Medeiros


When I started this, I was totally engaged for about the first 1/3. Then, due to a number of reasons, my interest waned.

There’s a lot to love about this book. I think you would enjoy this book if:
-you like plenty of action and plot changes
-you enjoy an antihero
-you like pirate stories
-you like a bit of mystery
-you like mixed class/a bit of enemies to lovers

Lucy is the daughter of the ever so important and respected Admiral. She’s lived a pampered, sheltered existence, enjoying the life of balls, gowns, etc. Except her relationship with her father breaks your heart. She is paying for faults that are not her own that her father can’t forgive. Lucy is a different person around her father. Naive, weak, meek, she just wants that love so bad. And while she can be a little annoying, you just hurt for her too. And you want her to have everything she deserves in life. The best part of all this is how much Gerard brings out the best in her. That fire. That love. That spunk. I adored when they were together.

Gerard has had struggles his whole life. The beginning chapter sets up his life as a young boy, and your heart breaks for him. Cunning, smart, focused on revenge, yet tender, chivalrous to Lucy. He sees what she hides from her father, her true personality.

The first part of this book, I adored. It takes place on the sea and I was totally loving it. Lucy is kidnapped, the interactions between her and her captor I just loved. I wish the whole thing took place on the boat.

Gerard and Lucy meet on land, back in London. Gerard becomes her bodyguard and this is where it slowed down a bit for me. There were a lot of really sweet scenes. And funny. But I just kept waiting and waiting for their relationship to progress. It didn’t get to the point I wanted. This book is pretty long, over 400 pages, and not overly steamy. I think I just wanted a bit more focus on the relationship, it was very focused on the revenge, the Admiral, the action. But none of this makes it a bad story. I think it’s just not a favorite for me.

I give 3.5 rounded to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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