by Ingrid Hahn


Thorvald is indebted to the jarl. He keeps a secret of Thorvald’s that he would prefer never sees the light of day. Thorvald is his best warrior so when the jarl decides he needs his enemy’s daughter for the perfect revenge, he sends Thorvald to take the princess.

Alodie loves and happily serves her princess. To protect her, she suggests impersonating her for negotiations, though she never dreams they would dare kidnap the princess.

I think you might like this story if you enjoy:
-enemies to lovers trope
-kidnapping trope
-Viking time period (700s)

I thought this story was okay. It isn’t anything that I wanted to stay up all night and read, but it wasn’t bad. There were some funny parts. I think it was just missing something for me. Maybe a bit of that tension? I think I wanted more from Thorvald. Maybe I expect for from a Viking, I just wanted more…assertiveness? He came off rather weak through much of the book because of the jarl’s power over him. It wasn’t bad though. I also disliked that the heroine wasn’t a virgin. Just a personal preference. I also didn’t love that Alodie called them demons non stop. It’s in there like 150 times, a bit much. This book just didn’t make me feel much. I didn’t feel Thorvald’s big secret was enough to make him act the way he did.

Safety warning: sexual assault of heroine’s mother

I give⭐️⭐️⭐️

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