by Monica McCarty


What, I’m reading a Monica McCarty and I’m not in Scotland?? It’s true, she has a few regency novels, this one was published in 2015.

Genie has a past with Huntingdon, but that is long over. The year is 1811 and Genie has created a new identity, a widow, returning from America. She has a plan to win over society and create the life for herself she’s always wanted. Only one thing can stand in her way, and she comes face to face with him on her big night. We get a flashback in time that takes a few chapters and tells you exactly what their history is. I like this, because I feel like I’m not getting the whole story if they have a history but I don’t get to see, or if it’s done in bits and pieces.

Something I love about McCarty is I feel like she always spends time with describing her heroes. I adore hearing about their bodies, their height, their eyes, their hair, their jawlines. Mmm.

Alas, this book has made me sad. It is a very heavy book. It’s not happy. It’s not funny. It’s a hard read. You want your heart ripped out? Here you go. The things that basically all the characters experience is just sad, but the heroine, wow. Then when the hero and heroine come back together there is so much mistrust, anger, guilt and vengeful feelings, it’s just overwhelming. Then it just continues through the book. You feel for the heroine, but don’t worry she can be heartless as well. I didn’t think I could feel for the hero but then I did. It was SO frustrating though. They are just mean to each other. That’s the whole book. There’s some safety issues I will list at the end. None of these relate directly to the hero (It’s not a bodice ripper style book)

I was totally in love with the beginning of this book. I was really enjoying the intensity, the characters, I was invested in their happiness. However, as the book went on, and on it seemed to lose it’s momentum and the characters started losing, not necessarily my interest, but my support. I was so annoyed with both of them and how they were treating each other especially after everything that had already happened.

There’s too much of the past affecting them, there’s too much mistrust and while you get a few kisses they come off more as almost like a jealous, possessive or manipulation strategy of the hero constantly. I didn’t feel much tension at all, other than the pure sweetness in the initial flashback of their story. While the story doesn’t necessarily have a big miscommunication issue, you just wanted them to sit down and talk and be honest with each other.

The sex in this book, I hate to say it, but to me was pure disappointment. I was continually let down. Not that it was good sex that wasn’t written well or it didn’t have enough details, it was legit bad sex. There was fear involved, there was fumbling, it was just not a pleasant thing to read. Apparently they do get it right a few times and IT’S ALL GLOSSED OVER!!! I was so annoyed to get a fumbling nonsense scene then hear that it was all glorious for awhile after that. Then when they come back together at 80 freaking % done with the book, the sex is even worse. I don’t read the books for the sex. I really don’t. But I love the sex and I felt super jipped by this story. At 93% you’ll get good sex but by then did I care at all? No.

Also I strongly disliked how this book ended. I strongly disliked the epilogue. I just…no. I can’t believe it’s the same McCarty that wrote so many of my favorite books.

Safety issues: attempted sexual assault, physical assault, violence, miscarriage

I give 2.5 rounded to ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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