The Sinful Scot

by Maddison Michaels


Safety issues are found in this book, I will be attaching at the end under possible spoiler warning.

Constance, or Connie, has secured a duke for a husband and left her friend Alex McGuiness in the past. Being a naive, young debutante, with a ruthless mother only after the best title, she found herself trapped in a hell of a marriage where abuse was a daily ritual. She has no one to help her escape this life and just tries to survive, cherishing the days her husband leaves town or becomes inebriated and passes out.

Alec has become a respected doctor and due to his mutual friendships, he would like to speak the Connie and relay her wellbeing. However, when he finds her at Duke Kilmaine’s ball, he can see past her cold facade and see the bruises underneath. She tries to push him away to protect him, but he perseveres and provides his protection.

Soon they are both on the run and only have each other. The mystery and relationship progress along with plenty of action happening too.

This is so not my thing, and that is because it’s a total murder mystery. I did find it intriguing the first 30% and then when the relationship took second to the ever evolving murder plot, I started to lose more interest. It’s not bad, or poorly written, and I think if you love some mystery, or solving a murder mixed with romance this would be a great choice. It deals with serious issues without being overly graphic. But it’s definitely not a warm and fuzzy romance, but it falls short of maybe Kerrigan Byrne’s writing. It’s not that I need a warm and fuzzy romance though, in fact I much prefer an angsty, gritty, graphic novel, but that tension and relationship needs to be carried strongly through the book and I just didn’t feel that here in this novel. I did think with everything the heroine had experienced, she moved into a new relationship fairly fast, yet it also felt not soon enough within the book to build a good tension (to me). Again this is just because so much was spent on the developing plot. It did keep me guessing, which was good. I also didn’t get quite the character depth I wanted, but I didn’t dislike either character.

I would definitely try this author again though, if I found one that was a bit more focused on the romance and relationship building.

I give 3 stars.
This is my first book by this author.

Safety warning/slight spoilers
This book features domestic violence, physical abuse, rape, murder, death

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