by Sarah MacLean


Oh my god. All the feels! All of them. Every last one. 

This book is amazing. It makes me wish I’d never given any other book 5 stars simply so I could give this book 5 stars and have it stand above the rest. 

Sarah Maclean is my new favorite author. Honestly, I’m afraid to read the rest of her books because what will I have left once I’ve finished them all? This book reminded me of more classic romances. It brought me back to when I first discovered Judith McNaught. The characters are so richly developed. The depth of feeling so wonderful. Somehow she writes so you can make it to page 357 and not be frustrated that you’re only now getting to the first and only full love scene because every moment before it is part of this masterful build up. 

Every time you’d think the story was about to wrap up, there is another layer. Where most books would have ended, this book continues. And it’s so satisfying in the end because of that. Because you’re not wishing this or that thing happened. It all happened and it feels complete. 

And King just might be my favorite hero ever.

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