by Stella Riley


Plot/Storyline: 3 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Feels: 2 Stars ⭐️⭐️
Sensuality: 0 Stars
Audiobook Performance: 5 Glowy Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wow. I’ve got to hand or to Alex Wyndham, the narrator of this audiobook. He was absolutely spectacular. He breathed life into this book and gave such a performance that parts had me riveted. Listening to him was everything. His voice is sexy. His delivery is perfect. He gave the perfect amount of emotion at the perfect times. He even gave voice to a parrot. Yes, a parrot. I loved listening to him.

All that said, the narration salvaged this book for me. It’s not a book I would ordinarily read. It had no steam and very little feels. Zero sex. Just a couple of kisses. The kisses were very good kisses which made the fact that it had no steam even worse for me. I was dying for this couple to hook up. It would have been HOT. But I knew going in it wouldn’t happen, which was a good thing or I’d have been very disappointed. If you’re someone who likes chaste books, don’t listen to me and go read this because you’ll undoubtedly love it. But I pretty much need that aspect for me to truly fall in love with a book. 

Beyond that, the characters spent a lot of time apart, which is also another strike for me. The time they spent together was lovely and I liked their interactions. I wanted to know what happened. The secondary characters were also interesting. However, there was little character development. The characters were who they were. No one changed or grew. Which is ok, if you like books like that. I prefer books that get me emotionally invested. 

There is actually not much to say about this book and perhaps that says it all. Go read the summary and there you have it. That is exactly what happens, with very few surprises. But don’t take that as me saying this book isn’t worth reading. It’s enjoyable. It’s easy. It’s great for an afternoon read when you’re not looking for something super deep. 

All in all Stella Riley’s prose is excellent and she tells a decent story. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book and it was worthwhile. If you have similar feelings about books as I do, I highly recommend the audiobook version of this. But I’m not sure I’d recommend it otherwise because I think I would probably have abandoned it if not for the performance. It’s not bad, just not my type of book. 

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