The Lady is Trouble

by Tracy Sumner


Piper has been beyond bored languishing away in a secluded house all for the sake of her protection. Julian will do anything to keep her safe, especially from him, which means distance is paramount. Julian is attempting to assemble the league in a secure place and has his work cut out for him. Piper doesn’t really know what he’s been up to, and causes quite a scene to get his attention. Thus begins their adventure. Keeping Piper safe proves to be way more difficult when someone with similar powers is hunting her.

This was my first Tracy Sumner book. This is the first book in the series, no prequel novella or anything. But my biggest complaint about this book was that it doesn’t feel like that at all. You walk into the middle of a crazy story with a lot of paranormal-ish stuff going on (reading minds, seeing auras, telekinesis) with hardly any explanation. I’m not sure if she has other books that are in a similar world or if this is just how this one starts. I would definitely try this author again, as there was a lot I liked, but perhaps another series.

If you are looking for a paranormal and historical combo, I highly suggest you try this. Its definitely unique, it’s sexy, action packed, I just felt quite a bit lost for much of the beginning of the book it was hard to really fall in love with the story. I was frustrated that there was so much history going on, past relationships, experiences, everyone’s powers and I didn’t know how any of it was happening. I feel like this book definitely needs a prequel or a nice prologue to set everything up.

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