by Grace Burrowes


I’m abandoning this at 152 pages. I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised at myself because I read bodice-rippers and generally can get behind an aggressive hero. But this particular hero is written in such a way that it’s rubbing me the wrong way, much like an overbearing and handsy date.

He’s just on the cusp of being likable. I almost want to forgive him and make excuses for him. And then I think that every woman has probably been on a date with exactly this guy at some point in their lives. He’s the guy you like but comes on a bit too strong. Everything he says is meant to sound sweet and considerate but in reality what he’s saying is a demand or an expectation that you don’t feel comfortable denying. He’s a taker. He wants something and thinks it’s ok just to grab it, so long as some sweet words are strung together to make it all ok. 

He crosses a line that would work for you if you were really into him and would feel like sexual assault if you weren’t. He’s very clearly reminding me of some uncomfortable dates I went on back when I was fresh out of college. Then add in the fact that he’s doing this all with a housekeeper and he pleasured himself while caressing her in her sleep and now we’re past the point of acceptable. It’s making me cringe. 

I just don’t see myself ever liking this hero, so I’m quitting it. 

On another note, they’ve eaten about 40 muffins, 100 pieces of marzipan, and drank 75 glasses of lemonade at this point in the book. It’s about as over done as the “flirtations“ of this hero. 


I’m updating my rating. I did end up reading more of this. I got to about 70%. I found a lot of the book boring but the the relationship between hero and heroine was ok enough. The sex is hot.

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