by Tessa Dare


This was a really touching story about two people who were desperately alone, and their adorable wards who were also terribly alone. And they all just needed people to “show up” for them. 

Chase reminded me a lot of Colin from A Week to Be Wicked, but I loved Colin more. One thing I got more from this book was a look into Chase’s mind. He had tons and tons of feels for Alexandra. He had it so bad for her right from the beginning of the book. And not just in a lustful way, in a sweet and loving way. I adored it for that. 

Alexandra had more of a manufactured infatuation with him, but she comes to love him for who he really is. She fought to help Chase accept himself and she also fought for herself and what she really needed. On top of that, she was fighting for Rosamund and Daisy (Chase’s wards), who had no one left to fight for them. 

The first half of this book was so great with all the feelings of love and lust and some really great heat between them. The second half the heat kind of fizzled. And I thought the first (and only) love scene was a bit of a let down. It was a bit too realistic, in my opinion. I know a lot of people like that but I thought it kind of killed the mood a little. 

The appearance of Ash at one point in this book was a little strange and felt out of place, forced. I don’t know if he really had a place in this book the way he was in it and yet he was there. Though, the scene at the end with him was rather humorous. 

I LOVED Rosamund and Daisy. I normally don’t care to read about kids but this was done really well. Daisy’s daily funerals were hysterical. One of the best parts of this book. 

All the things that happened at the end happened rather quickly. I think they could have been developed a bit more. And the epilogue left a lot to be desired. It was very short, wasn’t very far into the future, and didn’t include Rosamund and Daisy, who were such an integral part of the story.

I might read this again and it was excellent, but I don’t know if it will linger with me the way some of my other beloved romance novels have. 

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