by Courtney Milan


Well, I am convinced that Milan is a fabulous writer. I so enjoyed the prequel novella to this series, The Governess Affair. And I did really like the writing in this book. I absolutely loved the first half in fact. I raced through it, enthralled with the unique hero and heroine. I haven’t found many heroes like Robert. He’s very sweet and caring with a past that just leaves him wanting love. He wants to atone for his father’s sins by making to world a better place using his Duke advantages. Very much a beta hero, which I think can be hard to find.

Minerva has quite the secret in her past she’s eager to keep hidden. Her goals are the same as Robert’s however and they keep getting thrown together until their attraction is too hard to deny.

I think Milan tackles many topics that can be heavy but it’s done in a wonderful way. It doesn’t feel distasteful or like I’ve stepped into a book and I don’t know how I arrived there. Vaccinations, abortion, basic human rights, working conditions, judgements, assumptions. This book was real in a way few reach for me.

At the same time this was where it lost a star for me. The characters were very real and raw and honestly downright dislikable to me at some points. I was completely appalled at how they treated each other at some points. As someone else stated, I now get the title The Duchess War. I also found I just didn’t love the hero. I really liked him, but I want/need to love my heroes. I just wasn’t dying for that first kiss. The feels were a little low for things after.

Still, I definitely recommend this book. Milan is a fabulous writer. I was very immersed in the world she created. And there are some absolutely amazing scenes in this book. I adored the ending. Just wonderful.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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