The Bachelor

by Sabrina Jeffries


This is the second book in the Duke Dynasty series. A Duchess was married 3 times and had 5 children, so 3 of her sons are inheriting a dukedom. I love this concept so much!!! But, I wasn’t a fan of the first book. Neither character really pulled me, probably just a personality disconnect or something. Still, I love Sabrina Jeffries and will always give her a try. I enjoyed this book a little more, but it still fell flat for me 🙁 This book is about Gwyn, (before mentioned Duchess’s daughter), and Joshua. Joshua is the brother of Beatrice, who is the heroine of book 1. This book can be read as a standalone, but I think it would be better if you read the first book for a few reasons. First of all, there seems to be a series long mystery going on, possibly with the mother’s past? We didn’t find out in the first book, and are also left hanging in this book without much information. Secondly, the first book does a good job of explaining all the family dynamics and establishing character personalities, many of whom are this book as well.

I think you would enjoy this story if you like
-a war hero, soldier, wounded hero (he does suffer from PTSD)
-plenty of plot/mystery/action going on
-plenty of secrets held by characters
-an ‘older’ heroine, she is 30 people, break out the cane
-bodyguard trope

This book had a few things going on that usually aren’t my favorite which is probably why it wasn’t a high star rating for me. I think plenty of others will love it. I don’t love when the heroine has a past, and much of the book covers this, what has happened in the past and how it’s affecting the current situation. I don’t really love the war/spy theme woven in the book, it’s just not my thing. This book didn’t have much tension to me, kisses and sexual encounters kept happening but I didn’t feel the build up or the wanting necessarily. It just felt more mechanical to me. I guess I just couldn’t see why or how they were falling in love. The dialogue didn’t make me feel their pasts. Oh yes, they have pasts and baggage but it was more like it was just stated, I saw it, I didn’t feel it. They didn’t worm their way into my hearts like some characters do. It wasn’t an unpleasant read for me, but it didn’t have anything standing out that brought it above pleasant for me. It was okay.

I am loving the covers for this series though. I adore this cover and it portrays a scene from the story which I love even more.

I give 3 stars.

Safety warning (possible spoilers)
Miscarriage, murder (self defense), PTSD

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