by Suzanne Enoch


This is the second book of the Scandalous Brides series. This is fine to be read as a stand alone. The characters from the previous book are in it briefly, but nothing you would need to know the background story.

Camille is our heroine and I really enjoyed her. She’s just so likable. She was funny, sweet, just a tad sassy but not overwhelming. She was raised in a wealthy home and has been betrothed pretty much since birth. Waiting her whole life, her fiance never even bothers to say hi to her, let alone write a letter, or send a gift. Camille flees the ceremony. Completely alone, with every back turned against her, she finds friends and protection at the Tantalus Club. (The Tantalus Club was created by and is run by the previous book’s heroine.)

Keating Blackwood is the hero and boy does he have a reputation. “Bloody Blackwood” tore through London 6 years ago, drinking, wenching, seducing, taking, gambling, hurting until a horrible scandal occurs, leaving someone dead and Keating ostracized. He’s returned to London a changed man and with some things to take care of. His cousin, Camille’s former betrothed, has tasked him with returning his fiance to him.

I really enjoyed this story. Keating is oh so sweet. More of a beta hero. I loved his honesty with Camille from the get go. I was worried about the direction this story would go in once I got into the plot but he was such a better hero that I thought he would be. It’s a story about really just getting to know someone and falling in love. I thought it was rather funny too – some witty one liners and some silliness.

I think you would like this book if you like
– a nice slow burn romance of two people getting to know each other
– a book on the lighter, funny side
– you want sex scenes, but nothing drawn out or overly explicit

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I give this book 4 stars for two reasons. First is it was on the lower side for feels for me, but I am sure they will be there for others. It was a really really pleasant read for me. The last thing thing is something I didn’t like towards the ending, more of a…really this and this has happened in your life and now you’re going to choose this? Didn’t you learn anything the first time?? Haha. Nothing super big, but it did bother me quite a bit.

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