Married to the Viscount by Sabrina Jeffries

This is the final book of the Swanlea Spinster series. This book is fine to be read as a stand alone. The characters Clara and Morgan make an appearance (they are from Dance of Seduction, book 4), but you won't be lost or anything without reading that book. I also think Juliet (from After the Abduction, book 3) is briefly mentioned. Abigail and Spencer have a short time together in America. He is there with his brother and getting to know Abigail's father's business. They part with fond memories of each other, so why wouldn't Abigail believe his letters from England courting her and asking to marry by proxy? However, when she travels an ocean to be with him, she finds he knows nothing of the marriage. And worse, Spencer's brother is now missing and he must be the culprit in all of this craziness. Spencer goes along with this pretend marriage, due to gossip, scandal and everyone who witnessed Abigail's arrival. He must hide any and all feelings he has for her and make it a fake marriage until he finds his brother and can legally end this marriage. Spencer. Oh Spencer. Someone pointed out once how so many of Jeffries' heroes just CAN'T MARRY for whatever reason. And he is the same. He must never marry. Is the reason worth it? Perhaps more than other reasons, but is it ever a good enough reason??? haha. Spencer can be such a jerk. He says and does some despicable things. I actually feel quite bad for Abigail in all of this. But, there's something about him. I guess I like the jerks sometimes, because I did like him. You have to wait a long time for him to get his life together though. Abigail is half Seneca (native American). Her mother was daughter of a chief. She has a darker coloring and has heard slurs against her growing up. She is worried about fitting into English society. I felt bad for her in this story. She has no reason to think Spencer would lie to her and now is an ocean away from everything she has known and it's built on a falsehood. She tries to make the best of everything. This book has a bit of angst and a lot of push and pull – I want you! No, we cannot be married. But I love you! Let's kiss. No, go away! Definitely frustrating, yet I did like this book. It was sexy and emotional, not the best Sabrina Jeffries I have read, but many of her good qualities. I give 4 stars. This is my 15th Sabrina Jeffries! And still soooo many more to go hahaha.

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