Kate Grove

Kate is a daydreamer with wanderlust and a BA in Japanese language and culture. As a single child, she needed to come up with something to entertain herself when her friends were unavailable to play. Thus, she had been making up stories since a very young age. Imagine her surprise when, at 13, she found out there are some very fortunate people whose job is to write down the stories they made up! That realization was a turning point in her life, when she decided to be a novelist. Naturally, she immediately wrote a duology. Then a stand-alone novel. Because Kate was aiming to be a novelist, not a short-storyist. Whoever said to start with baby steps, didn't know her. But life had other ideas and writing took a backseat for a while. She graduated high school, then went on to acquire a BA in Japanese language and culture. Then she found a dayjob and continued to write whenever she had time and energy. Another turning point came in early 2019, when she had the opportunity to try out full-time writing. So here we are. Kate on her adventure to see if she can make a living writing full-time, because she wants to write stories, so you can escape reality, have fun adventures and unexpected romance in faraway lands. And you don't even have to leave your most favourite armchair.

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