by Pamela Clare


Well, I simply loved this book and I’m having trouble putting it into words. There’s no review I can write for this book that is going to live up to how epic it was. Or how real the characters felt. Or how touching their love story was. This book is raw and brutal and emotional and deep and wholly unexpected. 

It takes place in New York in 1757 during the French and Indian War and the fact that the two main characters, Iain and Annie, both originally from Scotland, have managed to find each other in America feels like destiny. They’ve both been victims of war, deceit, and betrayal and now find themselves caught in a war neither of them want to fight for. 

Iain is perhaps the most honorable and courageous hero I’ve read. He risks his life for Annie time and time again. And what I loved so much about him was that it was never just for show. He quite literally loses the skin off his back for her. And Annie is no weak lass herself. She’s forced into an untenable situation and rises meet her challenges at every turn. And when Iain does need her, she’s there for him, unfailingly. 

I love how their relationship develops. The life and death situations they’re in really put them to the test. They don’t fall into bed with each other at the first opportunity, but instead it’s a natural consequence of how things progressed. They have great tension but my one complaint about the book would be that I wish the love scenes were a trifle more emotional. They were certainly smokin’ hot, but the author completely skipped over tenderness in favor of passion and it would have been better to have a mix. 

Outside of that the story was engaging and action packed. I could not put it down. I was not bored for a moment. And it wasn’t predictable. It even had a villain that surprised me. 

I’m going to stop here because I don’t even think I’m capturing what it was I loved about this book very well. But it’s another for my favorites shelf. 

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