by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, and Mary Jo Putney


This anthology has 3 novellas all taking place during winter. One story each by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, and Mary Jo Putney


The heroine abducts the hero and keeps him hostage due to some information she has about him. Their relationship forms during his ‘imprisonment’. There are a few twists and turns in the this story that keep it a bit more interesting.

I think I am the only person that didn’t like this story. The premise was definitely different, but I could not understand how the heroine could begin to form feelings, or do anything physically with the hero, thinking what she was thinking in the beginning. I can’t say their conversations brought me butterflies or anything, in fact it was a lot of just boring or downright negative dialogue. I get that the heroine has reason to not like the hero in the beginning, but I don’t understand how there was any chance of them having feelings for each other. I found the heroine completely unlikable and couldn’t understand any of her actions. I didn’t see how the hero had come to care for her. I would give this story alone 2 stars, but perhaps it was just a character disconnect with me personally.

A PERFECT MATCH by Sabrina Jeffries

I completely adored this novella. I didn’t realize it would be a continuation of her Duke Dynasty series (Book one being Project Duchess) so was extra excited to have another story from that family tree. This story is about Heywood and Cass.

Heywood needs an heiress so he can restore his home upon his return from being an officer. Cass has become an expert at avoiding fortune hunters by keeping her dowry a secret and vowing to marry only for love. This story is just fun, past faced, and well developed for a novella. I feel like I am right in with the family getting ready for the holidays. Sabrina Jeffries characters come to live and have bursting personalities, even the secondary characters. 5 stars


I loved that the beginning of this novella took place in India. Wish I got to see a bit more of Diana’s time there. She returns to London after receiving a letter from her favorite niece and realizing it’s time to go home. Upon her return, she meets a dashing corsair at a masquerade ball who turns out to be her lost love and the reason she fled England years ago.
I really enjoyed this novella. It actually felt like a full story. I usually don’t like where the hero and heroine have a previous history because I feel like I’m missing things but with this it worked really well. The story felt full bodied, I loved the characters including the secondary ones and adored the Panda and the Spook.

My only complaint about this, which probably would be another positive if I was caught up with Putney’s work, was this novella also felt rather like a giant epilogue for all the characters of the Rogue’s Redeemed series. So if you have read those, this is wonderful to see all the characters again I’m sure. As it was, it made me feel extremely curious about their stories, as I’ve only read the first in the series. 5 stars

So overall a great set of stories, especially to curl up with this fall/winter.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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