by Lisa Kleypas


I’m so close to having a love affair with Lisa Kleypas. So. Close. But every book I’ve read so far is just lacking…something. 

While the writing was great, I liked the plot, and I loved the characters, I found this book disappointing. 

Simon was all too passive for me. I usually love a beta hero. But Simon hardly made any moves to win Annabelle over. He was completely willing to let her go, until suddenly he wasn’t and she immediately agreed to it. None of Simon’s inner thoughts or feeling were revealed about his sudden about face. And there was very little from his POV at all. 

I found this book to be virtually free of sexual tension, except for about a 30 page stretch in the middle of it. There were a few wonderful scenes full of incredible sweetness. They began to gather all the love that I want to feel in a romance novel. But they were so fleeting. There was sex for the sake of sex with very little emotion involved, save for a handful of scenes. 

The end of the book, after they get married, is conflict free. There was very little risk, very little changing between them. The development of their relationship basically halted and the focus was on their families and friends. I felt it lacked any real emotional depth. 

This is my fourth Lisa Kleypas book and I’ve felt this way about all of them. They’re always just on the cusp of making me fall in love with them, but they just don’t get there for me. I go through each book just waiting for more romance, more feels, and there are little teases here and there but then they fade away. 

I will probably try the other books in this series since I hear the are better. But I think Lisa Kleypas is just not for me, even though she’s clearly an excellent writer. 

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