Scot Under the Covers

by Suzanne Enoch


This is the second book of Enoch’s newest series, Wild Wicked Highlanders. I haven’t read the first, and this was fine as a standalone. I can tell you will have a better feel for all the characters be reading in order, though. The siblings were in this book, and I’m assuming at least Aden was in the prior book. The first book of the series is It’s Getting Scot in Here). This book provided a bit more insight into how Coll’s personality was and I’m assuming the next book will be about him (or at least that he will have a book at some point. I’m very excited for his story. He’s a huge, brawny highlander and I’m half in love with him already.)

Miranda is the perfect society lady. She has polish. She knows society rules. She has a wonderfully pleasant and engaging personality. Except when it comes to the burly Aden MacTaggert, whom she snubs upon meeting. I really enjoyed Miranda. She was one of those heroines that I just truly liked. I want to be her friend. She’s not helpless, she’s smart, but she’s limited by her position and strength. And Aden fills in those gaps so wonderfully. She’s not someone who is meek or has no backbone. I thought the ways she needed Aden were so touching and more real feeling for the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love an independent heroine and one that can save herself and others, but this just felt different. Maybe I was in the mood for a big, hairy highlander to come in and save the day. Miranda pulls her weight for sure and they work together. She’s not just a damsel in distress.

Aden has been drug to London to find a bride. His family history was probably explained better in the first book. You know his mom left his father 17 years ago and now has an agreement to get all the brothers leg shackled before their sister. Niall has already found his love. Aden is open to the idea of marriage, but doesn’t seem to meet anyone that inspires any strong feelings.

I thought this book would be an enemies to lovers because of their brief animosity the first, but it turned into a lovely getting to know you, becoming friends, and falling in love. Miranda has a serious problem she must solve and she enlists Aden to help her. They become partners against a villain. This villain felt a bit different than the usual villain. The drive behind what he wanted was different. And boy did he inspire strong feelings of dislike in me. You were rooting for his disappearance. He is in the book a decent amount, but I found it didn’t take away from Aden and Miranda’s relationship. It bonded them stronger together, in fact, because you couldn’t help compare the two and it made your heart melt all the more with Aden’s actions.

Heart melting is how I felt about this book. There were so many just adorable, cute, funny, sweet moments in this book. I’m pretty sure as I finished, I oozed into a pile with hearts floating above me. Aden is more of a beta hero, and betas are usually not my thing. But I loved Aden. He’s just so sweet and caring and he just falls in love with Miranda so sweetly. He doesn’t have some deep, dark, and lame secret why he can’t marry. He hasn’t sworn off women/marriage. He has these real feelings that are new to him, and he embraces. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about his love for Miranda. I loved how he loved her and I loved how he spoke about his feelings first.

This book is my favorite Suzanne Enoch. This is my 6th novel by her. I plan on getting my hands on the first in this series soon and I will definitely be checking out Coll’s story when it comes out!

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