by Minerva Spencer


This book was so so close to being an all time favorite. I loved the beginning of this book so much! But the middle and end lost it for me and it never really recovered. This is the third book of Minerva Spencer’s Outcasts series, the first being Dangerous and the second being Barbarous. I have overall enjoyed all the 3 books. If you’ve never tried her before I find I enjoy her writing. She’s rather witty, some parts are mildly humorous, she tends to cover strong topics and has unique scenery, characters and stories.

Sarah was raised in an African village with her missionary parents. Her parents died 2 years prior and she has stayed in the village helping with medicine (although I wouldn’t say she’s a doctor). She is captured with members of her village by a slaver ship and held in the hold.

Sarah’s personality was feisty for sure. She doesn’t have a problem with confrontation and holds numerous men at gunpoint. I felt like her character was okay. I didn’t get a ton of character depth to her. I felt like I didn’t really know her that well after the book was done. I felt like I couldn’t understand why she was in love with hero with their interactions. I also was curious why her Christianity made her really think about forgiving others and refusing to take anyone’s life yet she was a total wanton. I mean, I’m not complaining, I didn’t mind it but it was just a little weird for these character traits I guess.

Martin was a character I really liked. Arrogant, vain, with a short temper, seething with jealousy. That’s my thing, terrible I know. He is such a damaged character and has overcome so much. I felt like Sarah could have really healed him yet it turned into more enemies to lovers as the book progresses. To me they just stayed enemies way too long. Refusing to share their feelings until the very end of the book, fighting tooth and nail until then. They both can be rather cruel to each other in their words because they don’t understand each other’s feelings. I guess by the end of the book I was hoping to see more of their relationship as solid and that they were perfect for each other. While I’m not left unhappy, especially with the epilogue, I just felt like I never got to see how they were going to WORK together and that was important with everything Martin has gone through.

The first half of this book is so much my favorite. It takes place on board Martins ship and its just wonderful. Its tension filled, hot, the first kiss was so steamy, I adored it. Sarah helps teach Martin and it was such a wonderful part of the book. But as the book goes on and they continue to fight, I feel like the tension and relationship starts to fade. They are separated and when they are together they don’t really talk. Both are having interactions with other people and I just prefer my couples to be together. And interacting. And talking. And other stuff. Wink wink. I love Spencer’s sex scenes but in this book there was a long dry spell and it kind of killed the story for me. I love that tension to keep it going, There doesn’t have to be a ton of sex. I also was getting tired of Martin by the end and his lack of action towards a relationship with Sarah.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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