by Eloisa James


Betsy Wilde just wanted friends when she was younger. Sent off the school, she quickly realized what mattered would be marrying on the highest tiers of the ton, a Duke. The beginning of the book takes place with her ready to secure that proposal.

Jeremy, a recovering war veteran, has been lurking around Lindow Castle for awhile. He especially adores lurking around the billiards room, whether or not he likes to admit it’s because that’s where Betsy spends her time. He does suffer from episodes of PTSD as well as immense guilt from his time fighting the Revolutionary War.

So, I didn’t hate this book. But I didn’t LOVE it either. It’s got a lot going for it, I think there’s plenty of people who would enjoy this story. It’s fun, a bit silly, some of it had me laughing out loud. It’s a cute, sweet love story with a slow burn, building layer after layer of a relationship. The steam was on the lower end to me. There’s a handful of scenes all squished together at the end. A few kisses before that. To me, the story was more about them getting to know each other and the whole life at the castle. There’s some absolutely adorable scenes in here. I LOVE when the title/cover actually ties into the book, and this fits here. When Jeremy keeps telling Betsy “Say no to the duke!” It just melts my heart a bit each time. Really cute love story here.

My absolute favorite parts of the this book were any scene with Aunt Knowe. She is hilarious. She needs her own book, or novella. Seriously I would read about that hilarious old lady. Love her.

Things that just dropped the stars for me…was that I got bored. The steam was lower, the tension was there a bit then would fade, then it kind of came back, but it was never really strong and building like I enjoy.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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