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Liz Carlyle - Three Little Secrets


**National bestselling author Liz Carlyle concludes her scandalous new trilogy with a sensuous novel of two star-crossed souls who share a secret or two . . . or three.**

*Once upon a time, they eloped.* But then dashing Scotsman Merrick MacLachlan accepted payment from Lady Madeleine’s father to have the marriage annulled. Or did he?

*Two times, Maddie has wed*. Once for love, once for comfort. Yet once more she is alone with only her beloved son and his haunting visions for company. Until fate thrusts her back into the arms of her first love.

*Three little secrets dance between them*. One is that he desires her as much as ever; another is that she’s never forgotten his touch. But the scars of their youthful passion run deep, and the third secret will either mark their undoing . . . or spark the sizzling reunion they dare not dream of.


### From Publishers Weekly

While it’s standard practice for books in a romance trilogy to share unifying elements—such as setting, characters and themes—few recycle plot devices as blatantly as the tales in Carlyle’s historical Little trilogy ( *One Little Sin* ; *Two Little Lies* ). In this third installment of the Regency saga, Carlyle spins a story of long-separated lovers who reunite, but only after much argument, miscommunication and the revelation of a baby’s less-than-surprising true parentage. The plot will ring familiar to Carlyle’s fans, primarily because it’s a carbon copy of *Two Little Lies*. As in *Lies* , the hero and heroine—in this case hardened businessman Merrick MacLachlan and his former beau, Lady Madeleine Bessett—meet by chance in London and then spend the bulk of the book casting each other longing looks, declaring they want nothing to do with one another and indulging in angst-ridden personal flashbacks; it all grows tedious fast. It’s a testament to Carlyle’s skill that her characters engage despite the familiar setup, but in the end, they aren’t dynamic enough to satisfy the story line or the reader. This book may contain Carlyle’s signature sensuality, but it lacks the complexity of plot and character that made her earlier romances shine. *(Apr.)*   

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### From Booklist

*Starred Review* When Lady Madeleine Bessett purchases a new home just outside London, she doesn’t expect the wealthy developer to turn out to be her husband, Merrick MacLachlan. Thirteen years ago Madeleine eloped with Merrick, but Merrick disappeared during their honeymoon. Told that their marriage had been annulled, a desperate Madeleine married again, but this time not for love. Now, the recently widowed Madeleine has moved to London seeking help for her troubled son, Geoffrey, but she isn’t sure that she can live in the same city as the notoriously ruthless and coldly businesslike Merrick. The one thing about which Madeleine is certain, however, is that if Merrick discovers her secret, he can ruin her life all over again. In her usual brilliant fashion, Carlyle brings her Sins, Lies, and Secrets trilogy to a splendid conclusion with a dark, deliciously sensual, richly emotional story of two people who are given another chance at love. With its exquisitely complex characters and luscious writing, *Three* *Little* *Secrets* is simply superb. *John Charles* 

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