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Liz Carlyle - The Devil to Pay

Liz Carlyle, bestselling author of *The Devil You Know* and *A Deal With the Devil,* continues her devilish streak with this sensual regency romance.

By day, Sidonie Saint-Godard is a quietly elegant young widow who teaches deportment to the unpolished daughters of London’s nouveau riche. By night, she is someone altogether different…

The notorious Black Angel—so called for her lusciously located angel tattoo—ruthlessly takes from powerful men who exploit, and gives to those who suffer at their hands. Always in disguise, she has eluded capture and her identity remains a mystery…

The Marquess of Devellyn, one of the least noble noblemen in town, uses and discards women as he pleases. But when the Black Angel entices him into her bed, ties him up, and pilfers his most valued possession, she may have gone too far. This time, Devellyn tells her, she’ll have the devil to pay. And he definitely means to collect.


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Sensual and suspenseful, the newest entry in Carlyle’s Regency-era Devil series (following *A Deal with the Devil* ) contains plenty of heated romance and an engaging heroine who lives two lives. By day, Sidonie Saint-Godard is a respectable young widow, but at night she becomes the seductive Black Angel, robbing wealthy men who mistreat women. Sidonie, the illegitimate daughter of an aristocrat, is painfully aware of the plight of unwed mothers and believes she can right society’s wrongs by robbing vain men to help the women they harm. Her successful run falters when she targets the marquess of Devellyn, the notorious Devil of Duke Street. Disguised as a lusty street trollop, Sidonie seduces Devellyn, but the encounter kindles real passion, which complicates matters when Sidonie learns that she stole not only items of monetary worth from Devellyn but also something of sentimental value. Tension escalates sharply as Sidonie, realizing that Devellyn is in a vengeful rage, unwisely risks returning his items. Other revenge seekers close in on Sidonie until Devellyn’s proposal becomes the only solution to guarantee her safety and reputation. A few contrived plot twists bring about a satisfying denouement, but this is a small flaw in an otherwise lively and absorbing romance.   

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*Publishers Weekly* Carlyle delivers great suspense…sensual scenes.


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