by Lenora Bell


I loved most of this story! I dove right in and found it just hilarious, sexy and fun right from the beginning. Mina has been sheltered her whole life by her uncle, but she desperately dreams of adventure like her spy parents. Drew suffers from his past and has retreated to his Cornwall estate to work with turnips and sheep. I was worried this book would be extremely action filled and spy centered (similar to the last book in the series) which really isn’t my thing. But, I just loved it. It had enough action and plot to move the story along yet was still focused on the tension, feelings, and relationship building.

This story had so much humor and fun in the beginning. A book that can have me grinning like a fool while reading it, I just adore that. Their relationship was so sweet the way it developed. I really wanted them to be together. I felt like I got to know their characters and spent time in both their heads to know what they were feeling.

Lenora Bell writes heroines that really go after what they want. I like that they aren’t your usual shaking virgin with no idea about their bodies. They are curious virgins that can’t wait to explore. (Not that she writes only virgins, this book was though) Her scenes are detailed and steamy. She’s an author that is quickly becoming a favorite to try.

My only complaint comes at the end of the book. I just did NOT understand the whole delay to marriage thing. And the fact that Mina lets it go 2 weeks is just absurd to me. I loved Drew so much at this point that I felt like Mina lost major points with me for acting like that. But seriously enjoyed this book overall. It was a book that every time I had to stop I was thinking about getting back to it. So excited to put the kids to bed so I could continue reading. I highly recommend.

I give 4.5 rounded to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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