by Lucinda Brant


I’ve got to give this book a big ol’ “what the F?”

I’m listening to the audiobook and it is going to be a DNF for me. I’m so annoyed by it. I posted yesterday a question about what makes or breaks the steam in a romance novel and this book just totally killed it for me.

Aside from the fact that the heroine falls in love with him for no reason, she marries him on their third encounter and then suddenly it’s 3 days later and they’ve had sex and everything. Totally skips over any physical stuff and just gives us a brief memory. We don’t even get a kiss. I typically don’t read clean books because I want sex in my books. But they don’t annoy me when I do read them. But this was worse than that. I feel cheated. LOL. Especially since audible says this book is “simmering” heat wise.

So that killed it for me because the plot was beginning to bug me before this even happened. Hero and heroine were married at a very young age for some unknown reason that I have yet to discover. Heroine does not remember it and her family has allowed her to unwittingly go about her life thinking she’s unmarried. Hero has lived a separate life until he decides to come claim her, again for some reason I’m not aware of yet. He the duplicitously coerces her into marriage by pretending he is someone else entirely.

The biggest issues are not even the unnecessary and silly deceptions, but rather the glaring plot holes. Hero is a Marquess, will one day be a duke, and yet his wife is allowed to tarnish her name and reputation and even engage in flirtations with other men who propose marriage.

When they meet again in the beginning of the book as adults, they don’t know who each other is. Hero becomes obsessed with her even though he’s come back to town to claim his wife. Conveniently, they are one in the same person. But it bugs me that he was thinking about someone that he though another woman who was not his wife. What would he have done if they were not the same person?

Hero also wants to continue deceiving heroine because he wants to woo her and then does the complete opposite by springing a wedding on her with no warning, and for some reason she agrees. She claims she’s in love with him, but when did they fall in love? They’ve talked 3 times, and not at any great length. It just makes no sense to me.

No relationship building. No sexual tension. Just not for me.

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