Holly Elizabeth has had a lifelong passion for art and history, which she has channeled into an early career as a graphic designer and art educator. While that career has branched off into other avenues, her love of art and history never abated. Recently that she’s begun to intertwine those interests with her real first love: romance novels. In 2019, Holly began her own business, The Swoonies Book Covers, a design business specializing in historical romance book covers.

Holly is also currently realizing her dream of writing her first historical romance novel. Untouched Hearts will be published in 2020. Here’s a bit more about it:

Untouched Hearts

Four years ago, low-born Mellie Harlowe left London for the snowy foothills of the Suisse Alps, where cruel insults and coercive hands couldn’t reach her. So when a hapless Duke unwittingly falls under her care, she has little patience for the man’s arrogance or the memories she’s forced to confront.

Addison Kent, the Duke of Darlington, never questioned the merits of his birthright. Until he met the peculiar woman who rescued him. Initially, he is captivated by her uncommon beauty. But when he looks into her bewitching eyes and sees nothing but disdain, he can’t help but wonder if he is meant to be more a Duke.

With no choice but to face a daunting winter alone, they begin to share their fears, their desires, and discover each other’s untold secrets. And as they brave the treacherous mountain conditions together, they realize that the greatest threat they face is the yearning in their untouched hearts.

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