For the Sake of a Scottish Rake

by Anna Bradley


This is book 3 of the most recent Anna Bradley series. I haven’t read the first one yet (Wayward Bride), but have read the second and loved it! This can be read easily as a standalone. Previous characters are briefly mentioned or make small appearances, but nothing that would affect the story.

Lucinda is with her extended family on a short vacation before the London season when she meets Ciaran. What follows is a sweet and lovely friendship that forms between the two. Ciaran is supposed to be on his way to Scotland to tie up some unfinished emotional business, but he must make sure Lucinda is fairing well during her first season. When he arrives, he finds all is not well, and helps her hatch a plan.

I think you should try this story if
-You have tried Anna Bradley and disliked her stories in the past – really! I know people dislike many of her heroes, but Ciaran is totally different. This story was also less angst than her usual work.
-You like a beta hero!
-You like friends to lovers
-You like a rescue plot, where not only the does the hero rescue the heroine, but she rescues herself as well
-You like the fake relationship trope

I overall liked Lucinda. She has a sweet, curious, adventurous personality. She wants to see and experience what she can of the world. But she is also aware of the social constrictions of her time and that’s something I love about Bradley’s books and heroines. They are independent while still knowing they can’t just do whatever they want without repercussions. She does make some decisions that irritated me a bit, more so towards the end of the book.

Ciaran I found to be unlike any of Bradley’s other heroes. He’s such a beta hero. He’s oh so sweet. Caring. Responsible for Lucinda once he creates this relationship with her. I really enjoyed him as well.

I adore Bradley’s kisses and sex scenes. This was on the lower steam end, tension building slowly throughout the story. A kiss and 1-2 scenes take place after the 60% mark I believe. I love them because they are filled with descriptions and longing and feelings and so detailed. They make me melt.

I think a part of me didn’t love this story quite as much as I could have because I just read Scot Under the Covers by Suzanne Enoch and the plot was so similar. They are far from the same book, but just very similar feelings with the two characters becoming friends first, the personalities of the heroes, and the fact that the heroines had villain suitors.

I give 4 stars.

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