by Jess Michaels


5 stars for the sex. 2 stars for the relationship building. 

The first and last quarters of this book are rife with chemistry, emotion, passion, and scorching hot love scenes. You could actually get a sense of the burning lust and desire the characters are experiencing and it was riveting. During the first love scene I was gripping my kindle for dear life, eyes popping out of my head. I needed to turn on the AC. The last love scene felt the same. 

However, the middle of the book just wasn’t the same. I don’t think the author spent as much time developing the love scenes in the middle. There was a huge focus on the hero’s control, which is of course a major theme of the book, but it was so central that the balance between him dealing with that and the other feelings getting in the way was off. It’s a little hard put my finger on it but it just wasn’t as compelling. The author could have spent a little more time developing the emotional side of this book to make the erotic side even more erotic. I found the love scenes and their relationship to be missing something.

One thing I loved about this book is that the hero and heroine were almost constantly together. I prefer that. But the other scenes when they were apart, while necessary to the story, were dull. 

Hero’s confession of love at the end was excellently done. It was everything you want to see from a nearly irredeemable hero who didn’t think he could love. Heart palpitations. Emotional and very sweet. 

But it also ended kind of abruptly after that. 

If you want a fun, light, easy and erotic read, this book is great. It won’t stand out as one of my favorites, but I would read the rest of the books in this series and try this author again.

Also, I have to say, the cover of this book makes no sense. There’s no point at which the heroine wears a mask or is disguised in any way. I just find it odd now that I’ve read the book.

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