Every Bit a Rogue

by Adrienne Basso


This is my first book by Adrienne Basso and I will definitely be searching out more from her. This is book 4 in the series but is fine as a standalone. Characters from books 1 and 2 are in the this story (the heroines from those stories are this heroine’s sisters) but nothing that would confuse or make it unreadable. I’m unsure if perhaps you get a better perspective of Jon or Emma’s personalities in the first books.

Both these main characters have had their hearts broken in the past. Jon is rumored to be a crazy recluse after being left at the altar, but really he is just finding passion in his inventions away from society. Emma found solace in her painting, but when her muse leaves her, she becomes lonely and depressed. They come together by chance on a few occasions and then are thrown together again when Jon is accused of a crime.

The thing I really enjoyed about this book was nothing really went as I expected. I read a lot, and tend to predict the direction the book will turn and it’s always nice to be surprised. Not that there’s a shocking revelation in this story, I just didn’t find it predictable. It’s a story about finding love when you think you can’t, or it’s just not meant for you.

I enjoyed both characters, although I did get a little frustrated with Emma towards the end of the book, and wasn’t 100% on board with some of her feelings she mentioned at the end. Jon, to me, became more enjoyable as the book went on.

I thought it was fairly steamy, with 4-5 scenes. They weren’t excessive. I was happy with that aspect of it.

I give 4 stars. It was a pleasant read for me, but didn’t quite reach the point of strong feelings for it :

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