Debra-Ann Kummoung is thrilled to be a contributor to this new website founded by Holly Perret and the admins of HistoricalRomance.Love.

When she is not reading her next book, Debra-Ann is actively writing her next book – as her job allows. Debra-Ann is a full-time Executive Assistant to a CEO and several other high level executives. She has been in this career field for over 20 years and this has made her a very organized individual.

Debra-Ann graduated from college with an Interdisciplinary Humanities of Arts degree (Philosophy, English Literature and Religious Studies). At the time, she did not think that she would ever find a use for such an interesting degree. A few years ago she found it when she published her first book.

Debra-Ann’s books are Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) and so far she has focused on Pride & Prejudice variations. She likes to retell this famous book in a way that has not been reimagined before. For example, in her first book, Debra-Ann gave her heroine falling sickness (epilepsy) in Regency England, something she can speak from personally.

When Debra-Ann is not reading or writing, she can be found spending time with her husband and their 3 German Shepherds – Jasmine, Fitz & Lizzy.

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