by Minerva Spencer


Really enjoyed this debut novel! I found the whole premise fun and a bit different than the usual scenarios.

Adam is called the murderous marquess due to the untimely deaths of his first two wives. He handles his emotions so well he seems…emotionless. Cold. Hard. However he has 3 daughters and would love an heir to carry on his line.

Mia returns to England after 17 years missing. To her peers, her past a mystery, but her family knows she’s spent the time being captured and sold into a sultan’s harem. Her father, The Duke of Carlisle, is eager to marry her and get her scandalous life out of his hands.

The two are brought together during a ball hosted by Mia’s family. It begins a marriage of convenience that turns into much more.

I loved the first half of this book. It was fun, sexy, funny, intriguing. I enjoyed both main characters and getting to know them. Mia I found especially fun. She’s just so caring and has this ability to put everyone around her at ease, I just felt like I’d love to be friends with her too haha! Adam was slower for me to like, but he shed his layers scene by scene and I totally fell for what was underneath.

There’s plenty of sex in this book. Like way more than I usually find. I enjoyed it, but at the same time I wish a scene or two had been cut maybe to spend a bit more time in Adams head, or some further details on family scenes (like first meetings of Mia with her new stepdaughters). There were a few time periods that were skimmed over. Overall it worked for me though.

The second half of the book gets a little crazy. There were a few scenes that irritated me (any book that makes me yell “just tell him/her!” Makes me grit my teeth. And just some craziness that was thrown in then fully resolved within a sentence, I felt it definitely didn’t need to even be in there…I also found the epilogue a little weird. I’m assuming it was setting up future book/books which I’m going to admit I don’t like. I want the epilogue all about the main characters. That’s just me.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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