by Sabrina Jeffries


I loved the way Clara was introduced – descended from a long line of reformers and rogues. Her fathers side was Quakers and Wiggs. Her mother’s side was scoundrels, gamblers and debauchers. She’s a mixture of staunch morals and undiscovered passion.

When her Uncle passes, he leaves her 10,000 pounds. She runs the Stanbourne Home for the Reformation of Pickpockets and is eager to put the money to use fixing up the place.

Morgan sells nautical goods to sailers from his shop in Spitalfields since he is on half pay as a Captain. Really, he’s doing some serious work catching a criminal making a face like he is a fence in the area.

The two meet on the street and the story takes on a very loose enemies to lovers trope. I mean, how excited can a woman who runs a pickpocket school be that a supposed thief has set up shop right next door? But this didn’t have the things that have been annoying me about enemies to lovers lately. It was well done. Some arguing, some push and pull, some slight dislike until they fall in together.

I will say Morgan has the classic issues of a hero from back in the day. Or found pretty commonly with Sabrina Jeffries work. Family issues have given him the inability to hope for his future, he has a hard time forgiving and processing things from his past and it affects his ability to have a relationship.

I did think the book had a fairly early first kiss, but it worked pretty good. That usually bothers me too because I feel like the tension is broken too soon. But it was fine.

There is a bit of a mystery/action plot that keeps the story going. It doesn’t take over the book or anything, I felt like their romance was definitely front and center.

This is book 4 of the series. While Morgan is discussed in book 2, and appears briefly in book 3, I wouldn’t say you had to read those to get more from this book. This can totally be read as a stand alone.

So overall a pleasant read. I didn’t get strong feelings from it, or spent every minute devouring it, but still good.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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