by Julianne MacLean


Plot/Storyline: 📖📖📖
Feels: 🦋🦋
Romance: 💞
Emotional Depth:💔
Sexual Tension:⚡️⚡️⚡️
Sensuality: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sex Scene Length: 🍆🍆🍆
Audiobook Performance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I didn’t really enjoy this book. I felt like I’ve read it already, several times. I’m generally pretty lenient on that because very little is truly original at this point. But usually I can find something to overshadow that. Whether it’s amazing characters, or deep character development, excellent sexual tension…something. But this book was just average all around. There was nothing special about it. 

The hero and heroine, Duncan and Amelia, were carbon copies of so many others. They were not developed beyond slowly reveling circumstances of their past. Things happened to them and we found out what they were, so we could surmise that these things played a part in who they are today. But there was barely any depth otherwise.

Amelia was so annoying. She fell in love with a highlander who is nicknamed “The Butcher” for taking revenge on Englishmen who have raped and tortured Scottish women. He’s ruthless. He kidnaps the heroine and tells her his plan is to kill her fiancée as revenge. He’s extremely clear about who he is and what she can expect of him. And when she starts falling in love with him, he reminds her over and over again. She claims she is not blind, she sees who he really is, both good and bad. 

And then when he goes and does exactly what he’s warned her about she acts all shocked and appalled and outraged. Suddenly she thinks she can never love him because he’s a monster. I mean, I think a lot of women wouldn’t want to be with a man like him, but she was never lied to. She knew what she was getting and she chose it, then gets all pissed off that she wasn’t able to change him. 

The worst kind of heroine in my opinion. You either love and forgive or you don’t go along for the ride. You don’t try to change people. They have to change for themselves. This is something I think Kerrigan Byrne has got down with her morally black heroes and the heroines who fall in love with them. 

And for all her righteousness, when Duncan is on his death bed, Amelia denies him a visit from a priest, because she selfishly wants to save him. Maybe that seems like a noble act, but Duncan had a dark soul and had done terrible things. He needed that and she risked denying it for no good reason. She didn’t need to deny that in order to accomplish her goal. I just didn’t like her. 

Duncan is pretty much a canned hero. I feel like her was just pulled off some stock hero shelf and dropped into this book. There’s not much to say about him. One thing that this book made me realize though is how tired I’m getting of the whole hero lost a woman he loved and doesn’t know how to love anymore trope. Duncan was clearly falling in love here and keeps wondering “what’s happening to me?!?!?” Supposedly he was in love once, so shouldn’t he be able to recognize it? 

It was just tired and unimaginative. And the sex was also mediocre. I think maybe a lot of people would find it hot. There was a lot of it and it was explicit. But it was all mechanics and no feeling. He touched her here. He did this with his hands. She did something with her mouth. It happened here or over there and they made such and such sounds. But how did it feel? What was going on in their minds during it all? We barely get any of that. 

Last but not least, the narrator, Antony Ferguson, was not my favorite. He did the voices pretty well, but the rest was stiff and robotic. I wouldn’t seek him out again. 

Other Info…

Hero Type: Alpha

Heroine Type: Gamma

Language: Explicit with swearing.

Number of sex scenes: many

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