by Betina Krahn


This book takes place during the reign of Elizabeth, mostly at her court and a small bit in Sweden.

Rugar has come to the English court as an ambassador for Sweden, but he comes bearing a grudge. Corinna has been sheltered and protected her whole life. She is invited to Elizabeth’s court to be one of her maids of honor and they meet.

So this book. Well, there was a lot I really liked about it! And yet, a lot that bothered me. I think you should try this book if you are interesting in reading about a different time period. Seeing the court during Elizabeth’s reign was fun, different. Betina Krahn did a great job of pulling me into that world, experiencing the fun and drama of court life as it could have been. If you like a busy plot you might like this. If you want to read about Elizabeth and her reign, you would probably like this too. The queen is in this book a lot and interfering in their relationship.

There’s a bit of tension, a few kisses, a few scenes. I wouldn’t say it’s overly steamy, but it’s not clean. Middle of the road.

Thing things I didn’t like about this book was it felt like it was all shenanigans. There was always SOMETHING going on. It never seemed to be just about the two of them. Someone was always being abducted or manipulated and just non stop drama. I felt like the book was half about the queen and half about their relationship. The other thing that bothered me was that Rugar was actively attempting to get with other women after he met and liked Corinna. Nothing ends up happening and he was always thinking about driving her out of his head, but it still bothered me. It only lasts a chapter or so, but still.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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