by Sabrina Jeffries


This is the 3rd book of the Swanlea spinster series. I HIGHLY recommend you read at least book 2 in the series before reading this one. First of all, because it’s enjoyable, and second of all you will get to experience everything that sets up the plot for this book. Juliet and “Morgan” also share a kiss in that book and man nothing makes me madder than reading a book as a standalone and realizing I’ve missed stuff like that.

Sebastian has his peace disturbed when Juliet and her family (Rosalind and Griff from book 1), come to demand some type of satisfaction from Morgan Pryce, who kidnapped Juliet 2 years prior. The rumor mill has been silent about her ordeal until just recently. To save her from ruination, they need to find more information and protect her reputation.

I’m feeling conflicted about this book. First of all, I really didn’t like Griff that much from the first story and he is in it A LOT. I found him annoying in book 1. Why is he back to torture me? I thought I was done with him. If you read the first book and loved him, or haven’t read the first book, this probably won’t affect you AT ALL. I am envious. Sometimes it’s nice to see previous characters. This one I could have done without. Just shoo, Griff, geez.

Secondly, much of the book has its plot steeped in deception. I just don’t like it. It makes me so uncomfortable. You just know it’s going to come out. You know it’s not going to be good. I don’t like being worried throughout the book waiting for the confrontation. However, I will say it was resolved in a way I liked, and much faster than I was anticipating. That is something that saved it a bit for me.

Sebastian’s character is fairly arrogant and pushy. He’s aggressive when it comes to physical side of things. He’s not sexual assault material, he’s just…more forceful and excited to kiss the heroine? Honestly it usually doesn’t bother me at all, but tied in with the deception at the beginning of this book it did put a damper on those scenes for me. Sebastian has the promise of a deep character I would become attached to, but somehow I just didn’t. I didn’t get all wrapped in with his drama of his early life and how it formed him. It just fell a bit flat for me with that, sadly. Doesn’t mean it will for everyone. Maybe I needed more time in his head with his emotions instead of his plotting? I’m not sure.

Juliet was pretty enjoyable. She’s grown up a lot from the other books, especially the first book where she was a naive ninny who cried over everything. That was a refreshing change. She’s very take charge. I liked her trying to manage her situation and play with Sebastian to get him to where she wanted. He is an even match for her. I do feel like they are meant for each other, after all of this.

Something I loved about this book was how open and excited the hero was to marry the heroine. He decides early on that is what he wants in life and I really loved that. There’s so many romance novels where the hero is never going to marry, or can’t marry and it’s such a problem through the whole book. So that was rather refreshing. He has seen the bad side of love, however so he’s not as open with saying that word until it counts 😉

I also loved how steamy this book felt. There’s so many kissing scenes and more. I will say this book didn’t quite hit on the feels department for me, so they didn’t feel as powerful as they would have otherwise. Not going to lie though I enjoyed it. Multiple kisses, one time for her pleasure, more than 1 full sex scene, plus at least 1 glossed over.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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