by Stacy Reid


I always feel bad giving a book a bad rating, but I would honestly give this book no stars if I could. There was nothing I liked about it.

The writing is absolutely terrible. It was so convoluted that it was sometimes hard to follow a sentence through to the end and understand the meaning.

Here are a few examples: “If the lady was so averse to his offer, he would reach out to the other lords with unmarried daughters on his mother’s list, or steel himself to immerse himself in a world full of artifice.”

“Adel fought the tears burning to spill as the voices rose, overlapping one another so rabid they were, scenting fresh blood.”

“Worse, not once had the dangers of bedding her entered his thoughts the second she had tumbled into him.”

And there are so many more of those. 

The characters were one dimensional. More like caricatures, than actual characters. They had no depth. Adeline only ever thought about getting Edmond into bed. She had no other interests. There was one single conversation about constellations and that was it. Edmond blamed himself for his previous wife’s death. He was afraid to love again. Repeat, with barely more than those surface explanations. The dialogue made them sound like robots, too.

The story was inconsistent. Things were explained and then another passage later in the book directly contradicted it or stated something from earlier in the book that didn’t happen. The biggest example of this is at the end of the book. Edmond does not want to get Adel pregnant because he’s afraid she’ll die during childbirth. On the anniversary of his wife’s death Adel goes to comfort him. Drunken lovemaking session ensues and he accidentally finishes inside her. Adel participated willingly and enthusiastically. The next day he remembers nothing. Suddenly the story jumps and 8 weeks have gone by and she is pregnant. Edmond is furious because she never told him that night was real. His memory includes a quote from her that, I kid you not, she never said, and he asks her why she didn’t stop him that night. She says tried and then he’s worried he raped her? What? It was so out of left field. Why did she say she tried to stop him? She didn’t. Not at all. In fact, she encouraged him. She removed her clothes herself. It’s like two different versions of that scene were stitched together and someone didn’t edit it well enough to realize the inconsistencies. The whole end of the book is like this. 

There were no feels. I did not get a single flutter from this book. It explains emotion without showing emotion. There was also very little heat. The two love scenes in the book were good from maybe a strictly erotica stand point. But there was very little emotion involved. 

I could go on and on about how bad I thought this was, but I’ll stop here. However, I did share my notes and highlights from the book if you want more examples. I highlighted everything I thought was written poorly or had inconsistencies. Some notes included, but they may only make sense to me.

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