by Sabrina Jeffries


I was NOT expecting much from this book because I wasn’t a fan of the first in the series, but I just adored it. Road trip romance? Yes please! Forced proximity? I love it! Hero and heroine both flawed, yet perfect for each other? Woohoo!

Helena is the oldest of the 3 Laverick sisters (The first book of the series is about the middle sister). She has a limp from a damaged leg, which you find out why in the author’s notes at the end of the story. She has loved once in the past and was badly hurt emotionally. Her self esteem suffers and she doesn’t believe anyone can find her with her leg worthy or attractive.

The hero Daniel has made much of himself despite his infamous father’s reputation. Financial independence has been gained and in a respectful way. He has always been open about his past, but finds himself wanting a better history to present to Helena.

Helena’s youngest sister is eloping, to a fortune hunting scoundrel no less. She enlists in Daniel’s help to recover her and her reputation before damage is done. They gallivant around the country trying to find her while other factors come into play.

The first book isn’t necessary to read this one. Griff and Rosalind are in this story briefly, but nothing that would need the background. However, Daniel and Helena are both in the first story, as well as some interactions between them that have started their relationship…or animosity haha.

While not truly an enemies to lovers story, they do start out rather argumentative. However Helena softens soon into the story, which I liked as it left more for relationship growth. I loved how Daniel showed her how wonderful she was and gave her confidence. I loved the sex, and enjoyed Helena getting to explore her naughty side. She was the girl that carried around her proper etiquette book so to see her come into her own relationship as an equal partner was great to see.

This book just fell a little short of 5 stars for me. It just wasn’t quite as good to me as her other 5 star books I have read, but still a great story that I highly recommend. I didn’t even mind the perspective jumping to Juliet and even another side character, and that usually bothers me.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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