by Sabrina Jeffries


This is the first book of the Swanlea Spinster series. The Earl of Swanlea has 3 daughters that he desperately wants to see settled securely before he passes. He also has regrets he plans trying to right. He sends a letter to Griff Knighton trying to get him to marry one of his daughters.

Griff, our hero, has a plan during the visit that will give him more freedom to do what he wants and be able to get to know everyone under a different guise.

I thought this book was just okay. Unfortunately I just could NOT get into the hero. He was okay. I didn’t hate him. But I didn’t care about him. In fact he was a bit annoying. He had no problem lying and saying cruel things. He kept coming across like he couldn’t control his sexual urges, which is usually not a negative for me! Yet with him, it just felt different. Like he didn’t care he couldn’t control himself. There wasn’t an internal struggle of trying to stop himself that I love. He used it almost as a manipulation tactic. I think I read in another review that he used it to shut the heroine up and it always worked and I find that I totally agree with that. So because of that, the tension didn’t build for me as it might have otherwise. The scenes that were there, though, I felt were really good. Descriptive and sexy, yet because of everything else it didn’t reach what it should have to me.

I overall liked the heroine. I think she was spunky and really just determined to protect her family the best she could. But she also let the hero kiss her into submission repeatedly and definitely didn’t make him grovel as much as I wanted.

This definitely has an enemies to lovers trope feel. They argue and are trying to win against each other with everything. Fight, kiss, fight more, kiss more. I just wasn’t feeling it. However, I was left extremely curious about the sisters.

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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