by Suzanne Enoch


There is a prequel novella to this book, titled The Wicked One, that gives a bit of background on Oliver and Diane. They start this book with a history and dislike of each other.

Diane has returned to London a widow, after an unhappy marriage. She has received a property from her late husband that was not entailed and she’s determined to use it to create a living for herself. She designs The Tantalus Club in the mansion to ensure she will never be destitute and relying on a man ever again.

She doesn’t want to, but Diane asks Oliver for help in starting her club. With their history, it can create a volatile environment. Frustration, arguments, and push and pull between two very strong people.

I think you would like this book if
– Enemies to lovers is a trope you love
– You prefer a strong, experienced, independent heroine
– You like your people real, with real flaws

I just didn’t love this book. The characters are strong and quite independent. They make real mistakes. They have flaws. And I think a lot of people will like that about them. But I just didn’t find either of them likable. I didn’t like them alone, I didn’t like them together. Their morals left a bit to be desired for me. While I get they were trying to survive, I just wanted more from them – better behavior or more remorse.

The sex felt completely unemotional and mechanical. I didn’t feel the tension. And part of that might be because of their history together. I prefer my main characters don’t have a history and things are new to them.

There was a lot of sweetness in this book though, especially through the second half. I thought Oliver’s date with Diane was very sweet. And the little bits they started to show each other as their trust grew was enjoyable.

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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