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Some of our contributors need a little extra time to perfect their contributions. We want contributing to HistoricalRomance.Love to a fun experience and not one that makes people feel pressured. For that reason, we’re postponing our premiere to Feb 29th. The same great content is coming your way, just a little later. 

Here's What's Coming

An Interview with Kerrigan Byrne

Kerrigan Byrne is the USA Today Bestselling and award winning author of a dozen novels in both the romance and mystery genre. Her latest Victorian Rebel release A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT will be available spring of 2020.

A Young Lady's Guide to Causing a Scandal by Anna Bradley

Anna Bradley is an award-winning writer of steamy, sexy Regency historical romance – think garters, fops and riding crops! Her next novel, FOR THE SAKE OF A SCOTTISH RAKE will be released February 18, 2020.

An Exclusive Contribution from Rebel Carter

Rebel Carter is an award-winning romance writer. She is a trained historian who loves a good love story and pushes the boundaries of what readers have come to expect from historical romance. Carter’s Gold Sky historical romance series celebrates truly diverse love and outsized HEAs in the American West. The latest Gold Sky novel, HONOR AND DESIRE, will be released on January 29th, 2020.

Plus Selections From Romance Authors & Bloggers

Cathering Stein

Steampunk: Where Historical Meets the Fantastic

An introduction to the steampunk and gas lamp fantasy genres, including examples of the many varieties of books that fall into these categories.

Shanti Mercer

Indian Royalty and the Hierarchy of the Princely States

Nine, eleven, or twenty-one - when cannon fire signalled how important (or not) the British thought you were.

Lindsey Teske

Double the Love

Discover New Ways to Indulge in Your Love of Romance Novels and Meet other Readers.

Bianca White

Four Georges and a William: A Dummy’s Guide to the Georgians

An introduction to the Georgian monarchs and events of the era.

Susie Beech

200 Years of European Fashion (1200-1400)

What they wore, or didn't wear and where to find good resources in books and online when researching this time period.

Debra-Ann Kummoung

A Tour Through Regency England’s Medicine

Doctors and Common Conditions vs Today’s Standards. What’s Changed, What Hasn’t.

Thyra Dane

Vikings: Myths, Facts and What We Just Don’t Know

An introduction to thralls, shieldmaidens and jarls.

Suki McMinn

Suki’s Coffee Chat

Suki sits down to talk with some of her favorite authors.

Patty Reagin

The Inherent Inaccuracy of Citing "Historical Accuracy"

All too frequently, what we "think" we know, we don’t know at all. How willing are we to challenge our own deeply held "knowledge" to attain a truer, more nuanced, and more inclusive understanding of history?

Paullett Golden

The Enigmatic Earl

One Beast. One Wallflower. One Quill.

Sydney Jane Baily

The Victorian Love Affair with Chocolate

If you were offered chocolate anytime before 1866, chances are you would get a cup of hot chocolate with an oily film on top and perhaps some potato starch or arrowroot blended in. Sure, you might find a chocolate bar as they were developed in 1847, a bitter, coarse creation that would give your jaw a workout. Yet by 1869, you could lift the lid of a Cadbury’s Fancy Box and find…delectable chocolates, almost as we know them today. Read how and why these sweet discoveries were made, and by whom.

Alexie Bolton

Ladies, Discrimination and the Law. A Case Study.

Jessica Cale

A Timeline of Historical Contraception

Renee Dahlia

Australia Bush Fire and Historical Romance

Diana Ferris

When and Whom Did I Love?
A Medley of Love

Kate Grove

An Introduction to Medieval Japan

Tabetha Waite

Carriage Travel Through the Ages

TL Clark

Money Matters

Sara Callie

What Can I Get for.....?

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