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The Regency was famous for ruination. Ever since Lydia Bennet plunged her family into disgrace by running off with the handsome but unworthy George Wickham, the heroines of today’s historical romances have been crossing the fine line between propriety and scandal.

As a romance reader, Historical fiction was my first love and remains so to this day. I was all of eleven when I snuck my first romance, a western, from the library. I want to say it was a Johanna Lindsey? 

Inquiring minds want to know what’s behind the scenes of writing a book, especially our favorites with the well-worn pages that have been turned thousands of times, slightly tattered covers that have been shoved in purses on the go or on our e-readers time and time again.


Ah, chocolate. The exotic word, itself, evokes rich decadence. Indeed, for much of chocolate’s history, it was a luxury food for the wealthy. Most of us know its origins as a Mayan health drink, even a religious experience, or “god food.” Many also know how the Aztecs, who took over Mayan territory, used the cacao beans as currency.

When I was only eight, I was delighted to be part of a float in our local town’s Pageant Parade. Our float was entitled St. George and the Dragon. I got to wear a long dress and my mum designed me a gorgeous head-dress made out chicken wire.

Most people familiar with Waterloo know that the battle famously “interrupted” the Duchess of Richmond’s ball. But you might be surprised to know that there was a very full and gay societal life in Brussels in the year leading up to the battle.

The world has been watching Australia burn over the past couple of months, as the current bush fire season becomes the worst in history. Bush fire has always been part of the Australian landscape. Our eucalypts are designed to burn, they have oil in their leaves and their seeds won’t germinate without fire.

Did you know that the Vikings would wonder what you meant if you called them Viking? They used the word viking as something you did—you went viking when you traveled out to fight, conquer and raid—not as something you were.

The Earl of Pennington. She mouthed his name as her fingers clenched the edges of her pelisse.

Only one type of man arranged a marriage with a mousy spinster sight unseen—a desperate one. A deranged and desperate one. And that was exactly what the Earl of Pennington was rumored to be—deranged. 

Japan’s ancient times were spearheaded by aristocrats; on the contrary, the Middle Ages were the times of the samurai. I’d like to give you a brief political and military overview so you can better understand how the country worked. It’s a very exciting age!

I wanted to do a spot on something a little different – medicine practices in the 1800s and was being sent to Bedlam really that much of a threat.  I love Regency England, specifically the time of Jane Austen’s most famous books.  variations. 

I first saw Kris Tualla speaking at a writers’ conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, on a panel about indie and traditional publishing. I was so impressed with her and the other authors who hosted the conference that I joined their group, The Desert Rose chapter of the Romance Writers of America in Phoenix, Arizona, where I had recently moved.

Nine, eleven, or twenty-one – when cannon fire signalled how important (or not) the British thought you were. From 1858 until 1947, the British Crown directly governed India. This period – when the Crown formally took control from the East India Company – became known as The British Raj.

Lady Reading the Letters of Heloise and Abelard was painted by Auguste Bernard d’Agesci circa 1780. The painting title refers to an illicit love affair that took place over one thousand years ago between a teacher and a young girl; his student. 

All too frequently, what we ‘think’ we know, we don’t know at all. How willing are we to challenge our own deeply held ‘knowledge’ to attain a truer, more nuanced, and more inclusive understanding of history?

Any romance reader knows that interracial relationships are a popular trope. Coupling them with a historical twist makes the romance extra-forbidden due to the laws and attitudes that have existed surrounding interracial relationships in the United States. I

I’ve been researching flowers for my current work in progress. I found the meaning of them fun and thought more could find it as fascinating as I have. With Spring around the corner, bouquets of our lovely gardens become important decorations in our homes. 

Perhaps the most common question I get when I tell people I write steampunk romance is, “What is steampunk?” I usually give this brief answer: stories, art, etc. that combine a Victorian-era aesthetic with scientifically impossible or futuristic technologies.

I love curling up with a historical romance novel, especially on a chilly winter evening. Yes, I’m a reader, editor, and publisher of historical romance, but mostly I’m a lover. A quick peek into my closet shows that most of my dresses are from a different century. 

In the modern age that we live in, it’s so fast paced and busy, that it’s hard to imagine getting around in a simple horse and carriage, as so many of our ancestors did. But not everyone could afford such a luxury, just like the ‘horseless carriage’ when it was first introduced to the populace. 

The Georgian era was one of extremes. Long periods of war, slavery and empire building occurred alongside increasing humanitarianism, piety, and religious and social reform. Art, literature, and music evoked elevating aspirations, while the brutal penal system, squalor, and debauchery reigned.

When we started planning this site, we reached out to Tessa Dare’s assistant, Kelly Oakes, to arrange this interview. But unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get back in touch since we set it up. We know she’s been dealing with some health problems and that comes before anything. So, first and foremost, we wish Kelly well. 

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